Privacy Policy

Privacy of Alpargatas S.A. (“Alpargatas”) was created to demonstrate the Alpargatas commitment to the safety and privacy of the information received by those who enter the websites, and other international websites and to clarify how such information is gathered and disclosed.

The Policy aims at ascertaining that the information disclosed in the Portal is accurate, complete and up-to-date. All information available or entered is furnished "as is" and the utilization of this material is of the entire responsibility of the user (“Contents”).

The Portal''s Contents may be periodically updated or modified. Consequently, it can not be seen as definitive, being  always associated to the moment in time when it was gathered, while the user must always mention the specific date when he collects information from the Portal. The time of the Portal is the same as Brasilia''s.

Alpargatas tries to correct, in the shortest period of time possible, eventual inaccuracies or omissions in Contents, but will not be held responsible for misuse, application or processing of the mentioned information on the part of users, that does not conform to the nature, purpose and function of the available information.

The Portal may provide access to external links, which contents and privacy and safety policies are not under Alpargatas responsibility. Thus, it is advisable that users, when redirected to external links, check the respective privacy policies before furnishing his data or personal information.

The user may have a registry, as long as he furnishes his personal data and accepts browser cookies, in order to identify the user''s IP and the browser internal control.

When furnishing his personal data, the user automatically acknowledges that he knows and accepts the terms of this Policy. Therefore, the data taken into consideration are: name, e-mail, birth date, sex, CPF, RG, ZIP Code, profession, complete address, personal areas of interest and his personal password.

The user that signs in a registry may, at any time, request information on the contents of his registry, being also able to rectify data he deems convenient. This can be done through his own registry in the site.

Whatever information is relayed by the user is protected in accordance with strict standards of confidentiality and may be used for the following purposes:

• to inform the user about new products, promotions, news on Alpargatas and its partners;

• to keep the registry updated for telephone, e-mail or mail contact;

• to prepare statistics with no identification of the user; and

• to answer questions and requests from the user.

The access to information received is restricted to members in Alpargatas, its subsidiaries, branches or associates, who are authorized to adequately use such information. Should the user wish the exclusion of his account, such option will be at his disposal in the Portal at all times and the exclusion will be immediately processed, after which, his registry will be removed from the Alpargatas data base.

Alpargatas won''t sell or lease to third parties any personal data from registered users. Alpargatas will be allowed to send information capable of identifying the user only when:

• the user''s consent to share such information has been given;

• it is necessary to share information to furnish the user with the requested product or service;

• it is necessary to send information to companies that work in association with Alpargatas, providing a service or product. Except when informed otherwise, those companies won''t have the right to use information sent on any users in addition to what is essential to comply with Alpargatas needs; or

• the pertinent authorities request such information.

The user will be the sole responsible for the veracity and accuracy of personal data furnished to this Portal. Alpargatas won''t take any responsibility on the inaccuracy of personal data entered by the user at the Portal, as well as omissions of relevant information or insertion of fake data that may infer mistaken facts about the user.

If any information furnished by the user is fake, incorrect, outdated or incomplete, or in case Alpargatas has strong reasons to suspect that such information is fake, incorrect, outdated or incomplete, Alpargatas will have the right of blocking or cancelling immediately and without previous notice the user''s account and of refusing every present or future use of the services that require specific registration.

All data furnished by visitors to the Havaianas websites through security protocols will be protected, in order to ascertain their privacy and authenticity while they are navigating the Internet.

Nevertheless, the Havaianas websites do not warrant full safety of information and/or data sent by visitors in case of the occurrence of acts of God or events of force majeure, reason why visitors expressly waive any claims against the Havaianas sites for data eventually lost due to access not authorized and/or breach of security in the systems that maintain the Havaianas sites.


Alpargatas has proprietary brands, linked to the products, texts, photos, images and logo brands that appear in this Portal, which are protected by copyright industrial property laws relative to image, voice and name.

All Alpargatas brands are registered with the Instituto Nacional de Propriedade Industrial (INPI), agency responsible for the registration of trademarks in Brazil as well as in several pertinent organisms abroad.

Thus, Alpargatas has the right to prevent third parties of misusing its brands and additional material disclosed in the Portal, therefore protecting itself against dishonest competition, defending the effort, investment, work and success of its brands and products.

Therefore, the user acknowledges his sole responsibility for the non authorized use of this Portal''s Contents and that Alpargatas will do whatever efforts to preserve all its proprietary rights.

This Policy is governed  by Brazilian Law and must be interpreted in the Portuguese language. In case any eventual conflicts fail to be friendly resolved, they shall be adjudicated in a Court of Law in São Paulo, SP, Brasil.

Alpargatas will have the right to modify this Policy in order to adapt it to lawmaking or jurisprudential alterations, as well as those relative to commercial practice. Whatever the case, Alpargatas will divulge in the Portal the changes introduced there.