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About Alpargatas

I would like to know more about the company, its structure, and strategies.

Thank you for your interest in our company. To obtain this information, please go to our institutional site:

About the Brand and structure

Where does the name Havaianas come from?

This name had its inspiration in Hawaii, the paradise of sun and sea that has everything to do with the Havaianas mood. The name selection was considered as ideal, since the sandals were adequate to be worn in places with a hot climate, leaving the feet free and uncovered. Besides, Hawaii refers to that delightful feeling of enjoying a pleasant and relaxing moment, and there's nothing better than enjoying those moments with a comfortable pair of Havaianas.

Where did the inspiration for creating the first Havaianas model come from?

The Havaianas design was inspired by the Japanese sandals known as Zori, made of a thin rice straw sole and fabric thongs. To adapt the Japanese model to the Brazilian market, Alpargatas S.A. used rubber as raw material and the rice grain format for the sole texture. And that's how the famous Havaianas were born.

Is Havaianas a Brazilian trademark?

Yes, and it was created by Alpargatas in 1962.

When were Havaianas created?

The Havaianas sandals were born on June 14, 1962. The sandal pioneered the introduction in Brazil of the "flip-flop" concept. The patent for the brand's industrial model was registered in 1964, under: “New sole with thong model”. Currently, people around the world and from all social classes wear our sandals. A true hit.

How many employees does the company have?

Alpargatas S.A. has more than 22k employees, taking into consideration the main office, the factories and offices abroad.

Where can I find more information on Havaianas?

Havaianas history is unique and it attracts everybody's interest. You can find this information in the History section and also in Havaianas fanpage on Facebook.

How many pairs of Havaianas are sold annually?

In 2016, 250 million pairs of Havaianas were sold, 685k pairs/day, 28k  pairs/hour, 476 pairs/minute, 8 pairs/second.

About the Product

Cleaning - How can I clean the product?

Dip your Havaianas in water with detergent for a few minutes. Use a soft sponge (non abrasive) to clean them and then rinse them. Do not put them into a washing machine, this can damage the thongs and sole.

How long does a pair of Havaianas last?

There is no exact answer to this question because the durability of a pair of Havaianas depends on several factors, such as frequency of use, type of use, type of floor/ground, product care, among others.

How many models are there?

The Havaianas collections are annual and each collection has its quantity of models. The last collection has 150 models, divided in female, male, unisex, children and baby lines. All models are shown in the Online Store (check availability in your country).

New models - when are they launched?

The Havaianas collection is renewed every month of June. And to avoid leaving the consumers without novelties for a long time, new models or new colors are launched during other months of the year. For instance, the summer collection is launched in October/November.

Thongs - I would like to buy additional thongs, is it possible?

Sorry, but we don't sell thongs separately.

Manufacturing problems - My Havaianas are faulty. How should I proceed?

Please, contact the Authorized Distributor of your country.

Havaianas products – Are there other brand products, besides the sandals?

In addition to the sandals, Havaianas has a line of closed shoes, accessories and also a line of clothing.

Direct sales - Can I buy directly from the factory?

You can buy directly from Havaianas at the section Online Store (check availability in your country).

Where can I find better prices?

Alpargatas does not control the prices charged by the stores. Therefore, to find the best price, we suggest a research among stores most conveniently located for you.

On Production

Where are Havaianas produced?

Havaianas is manufactured in two plants in Brazil. One factory is located in Campina Grande, the second most populated town in the State of Paraíba, with approximately 405 thousand inhabitants. Distant 120 km from the capital, João Pessoa, it is considered one of the main industrial and technological centers in Northeastern Brazil. In 2013, another factory was inaugurated in Montes Claros, in the State of Minas Gerais, with approximately 400 thousand inhabitants and distant 425 km from the capital, Belo Horizonte.

Quality tests – How are the sandals tested?

Before leaving the factory, and in order to ensure Havaianas quality, the sandals undergo several tests in our lab: resistance tests of the thongs, resistance test of the thong notch, abrasion, hardness and density tests, to make sure that the sole is comfortable and resistant, sole deformity test,  quality test of the prints, wear and tear test, in addition to tests that analyze the size and color of the sandals.


Why do Havaianas fit two sizes?

Havaianas are flip-flops, a type of sandal. As it is an open shoe, we were able to make Havaianas fit two sizes, with no comfort loss. Some models - Havaianas High, for instance - have different characteristics and therefore they bear a traditional size choice, each pair fits one size only.

What are the sandals available sizes?

The vast majority of Havaianas models are made in such a way that allows each size to comfortably fit two conventional sizes.

Each model has its specific sizing, but in general, the sizes follow this range: 

Baby: 17/18  |  19  |  20  |  21  |  22  |  23/24 ; 

Kids: 23/24  |  25/26  |  27/28  |  29/30  |  31/32  |  33/34  |  35/36 ; 

Adults – Female: 33/34  |  35/36  |  37/38  |  39/40  |  41/42 ;

Adults – Male: 33/34  |  35/36  |  37/38  |  39/40  |  41/42  |  43/44  |  45/46.


To see a specific model, visit our Online Store (check availability in your country).

Sponsorship, Fairs, Events and Exhibition Proposals

How can I send them?

Click here and fill out the form.

Is it possible to register to receive information?

The company does not adopt such procedure. We suggest that you regularly access our site to be constantly aware of what is going on in the Havaianas world.

Tokens and Samples – Is it possible to receive them?

Thank you for your interest in our products, but we have no samples and tokens available for dispatch.

Special Request / Custom Sandals

How can I customize and resell Havaianas?

Havaianas is a proprietary brand of Alpargatas S.A. and any customization that is not made by the company itself is illegal. The illegal customization does not offer a quality control and represents a risk for consumers. This is why we do not support any kind of customization made without the Alpargatas control.

Personalized Havaianas for companies - how should I proceed?

It is very important for us that all special projects, such as personalizing Havaianas, are aligned with our brand strategy. In order for us to evaluate the partnership and the feasibility of the project, please contact us by sending an e-mail to, including the following information: Name and description of the company, Name and description of the product, Purpose of the project, Target, Sale or distribution, Deadline for remittance of the sandals, estimated volume (number of pairs).

Personalized Havaianas for consumers - How can I request them for my wedding, birthday or graduation?

To order your personalized Havaianas, you must contact us 3 or 4 months in advance so we can initiate the development process. The minimum quantity of the order is of 300 pairs. We can work with the colors of the current collection. Price varies according to the chosen colors and prints. We deliver orders throughout Brazil. If you are interested, please contact us by sending an e-mail to

I don't have a company, but I'd like to buy a large quantity of Havaianas, what should I do?

To buy large quantities, please contact the distributor in your country. We can not guarantee the availability of all models and sizes, as the purchase of products is a responsibility of the reseller.

Export and Shopping Abrod

How can I buy Havaianas abroad?

Please enter the section International Sites and select the country where you wish to buy your Havaianas. Should you need more specific information, please contact the distributor in the country you wish to make the purchase through International Offices.


International - In what countries are Havaianas commercialized?

Havaianas are sold worldwide, in over 100 countries in 5 continents. Click here to check the countries. If the country you are looking for is not listed, please contact us using the form in this section.

I would like to resell Havaianas abroad, is it possible?

Many countries already have an official distributor, and if it is the case, you should contact the distributor directly in the specific region where you want to sell Havaianas. You can find the distributors contacts in the section International Offices. Due to the marketing and distribution policies adopted for our product, there is only one distributor in each country. If the country of your interest does not have a distributor yet, an analysis process can take place to evaluate your proposal.

Foreign model - Where can I find in Brazil a model of Havaianas that I have seen abroad?

Every year, Havaianas develops an Export Collection, with models for specific commercialization abroad.This is why some models are not sold in all stores in Brazil. To view the complete collection available in Brazil, please go to our Online Store or visit our Concept Store.


Is it possible to watch again films and see ads?

Films and ads with exhibition rights are available in the Advertising section of this site.

May I participate in the Havaianas campaigns/commercials?

The casting of films depends on the strategy of each campaign. The initial selection is made by our advertising agency AlmapBBDO, and then it is subsequently approved by our team. We do not receive photos/videos for participation in our commercials.

May I send my suggestions?

We are glad that you care for Havaianas. Alpargatas S.A. has specific departments for product creation and development, campaign development and strategic market analysis.

Where to find?

How can I locate the nearest store?

By visiting the section Store locator. In case your city does not have a Havaianas Store, please contact our Customer Service.

How can I find a specific pair of sandals?

To view the complete collection available in Brazil, please go to our Online Store or visit our Concept Store. You can also contact our Customer Service in the section Talk to us. We will then suggest some stores available near you.


How can I send it?

To send your curriculum, please click here.


Academic Work - How can information be obtained?

A lot of information requested by students deal with strategic issues of the company and cannot be disclosed. To better serve you, we have developed a material containing various historical and current information on Havaianas.

Environment and Social Responsability

How can I request resources?

Alpargatas has a strong social performance through Instituto Alpargatas. The institute's to improve, by means of sports, the educational quality of children and teenagers from the communities where the company operates. In case you have a project that fits the scope of activities of our Institute, and you want to present it to Alpargatas, please contact us through the site: Due to the great number of projects in which we are already involved, we cannot guarantee our support to all projects that are submitted to us.

How can I obtain it?

In the Annual Report by Alpargatas there is a chapter dealing exclusively with Social and Environmental Responsibility. You can see the digital version of the report at site.

What are Havaianas initiatives and actions?

Alpargatas has chosen as its first priority to develop and implement a program on work safety, occupational health and environment (SSMA), and later on, on due time and according to the maturity of its several units around the country, to seek certification. As to SSMA, we have created a policy that permeates all levels within the organization, allowing the implementation of various activities that aim at a sustainable development.

Actions such as selective garbage collection, control of generated residue, adequate transportation and destination of residue, actions to reduce electricity and water consumption, sensible development of materials to be used in our products, launch of ecological product lines, rubber residue recycling, co-processing of non-recyclable residue, recycling of PVC residue during the production process, environmental education for all of our employees, among other activities. For further information on the company's social actions, please visit the Instituto Alpargatas.


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